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Our Private Investigator Licence Number is 1A22115

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Alpha Investigation Services have been in Private Investigation for over 20 years, we are the most experienced private Investigators in Perth that you can trust.

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Our recent Investigations

“Please see below our recent investigation cases conducted by us”

Recent Case 1

Alpha Investigation Services was contacted by a client from Italy requesting us to do a full background check on a person that was going to be his business partner in Australia. He had provided him all his qualifications but when our client did a simple check on the person, he found that a number of his stated qualifications were not certified and the person also had put his office address as being in the city of Perth Western Australia, but he could find that his would be partner was at that address as he stated on his documents.

Our client needed us to fully establish and find the correct information on the person and report back to him.

So we decided to take on this case and started our investigation.

After 2 weeks into our investigation we were able to find that his would be partner did not have a true and valid qualification as a engineer as stated by him, he did not have an office at the address that he mentioned, we also found that he had been a bankrupt in Western Australia and he was running a small engineering firm from his home address in Perth Western Australia.

We prepared a full and in-depth report regarding our investigations back to our client.

Another Investigation and background check was done and completed by us.

Please contact us should you need any of our investigative services and we will be pleased to assist you.


Recent Case 2

Alpha Investigation Services was once more contacted by a husband requesting our services to find and locate an address for his wife that had left him some 6 years ago so he would be able to serve her divorce documents because he wanted to divorce her, but she was only providing him with wrong addresses all the time.

We decided to take on his case and investigate the were about she was residing in truth, after many hours of us doing our investigative work we first learned that she was working for a company in Perth WA.

We then set up a surveillance at her place of work so as we could tail her when she left work, and follow her to where she was residing, we did follow her until she drove her car to a block of units in a suburb not far from were she was working and we were able to follow her to her unit.

Now we had the address and her unit number.

We repeated this surveillance over 3 extra days to make sure that she did resided there.

We prepared a full report of our investigation results back to our client.

She was pleased and asked us if we were also able to serve him in person with the family documents once her solicitor had prepared them with his new address, we stated to her that, yes we would be able to do it for her because this was another service that we offered.

Another investigation done and completed by us.

Please contact us for any investigative services that you may require from us.


Recent Case 3

Alpha Investigation Services was contacted by a daughter from England UK on behalf of her mother who had demature, asking us to conduct a investigation regarding finding and locating all her father past and his present owen assets in his name or other names associated to him, because he was telling her mother that he had sold all their assets during their marriage , but she did not believe him.

She was only sure that the property they lived in was in both names and a office in the city of Perth WA.

Her mother needed all information found because she was about to commence a divorce on him and needed the true facts and documentary evidence.

We decided to take on her case and after many hours and days into our investigations, we were able to find that her husband had a number of properties in different names and trusts , but during our further investigations all properties did revert to him.

We prepared our full investigation report that included all documents that showed he was still the owner of a number of properties.

Another investigation case done and completed by.

Please contact us for any investigative needs that you may require from us and we will be pleased to assist you.


Recent Case 4

Alpha Investigation Services was again contacted by client asking us to do a surveillance on her partner because she suspected that he was catching up with someone that worked in his office, she had found messages on his phone and wanted to know who the person was because he told her that he was meeting a business partner and would be home late.

We decided to take on her case and because he had not told her where he was meeting his business partner we decided to start our surveillance from the time he left their home, during the time that we were tailing him we followed him all the way to a business address in the city of Perth WA and he parked his car there and at one point we observed that he was greeted by a female and both of them walked to her office, we stayed on surveillance there for 4 hours,after that we were able to see both of them exit the office and he drove away back to their home.

We prepared a full report that included all photo and video evidence back to our client.

Another surveillance case done and complete by us.

Please contact us should you need any of our investigative and surveillance services and we will be please to assist you.




In addition to our primary investigation services Alpha Investigation Services provides our experiences as private investigators a much wider range of services that may be not listed above.

We also offer the following professional service:

Property buying before you make the purchase.

We offer many services regarding property search if you are busy.

Provide ownership of any property quickly.
History of ownership of the property or properties.
If there is any caveats lodged.
When it was launched and what price was paid.
If the person or persons hold other homes or land titles.
Verify the address and much more.

This service will be conducted in a professional and confidential manner at all time.

Should you have any special needs ask us how we can be able to help you.

Please contact Pete on 0417901354 and in strict confidence.


Missing Person


We specialise in locating missing persons local national and international.

Please click this link Missing Persons International for more info.


background check

With a background check by us as private investigators and private detectives.

We can help get you the answers you’re looking for. The truth is out there and we will find it. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Alpha Investigation Services guarantees lawful & ethical conduct, strict confidentiality & discretion.

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missing persons investigations

We will find people who don't want to be found.

We, Private Investigators in Perth, provide professional services to find missing persons, whether it is for personal reasons or family reasons...

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fraudulent workers compensation investigation

Every year, employers lose money paying out fraudulent workers compensation claims.

As a private investigation service we have the tools to uncover the truth so that you can protect yourself financially.

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pet search

Pets are very dear to us, and it can be heart breaking once they go missing. We will help to find them and reunite them with you.

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employment screening

Background checks are a necessary fact of life for businesses today. 

All checks regarding this are done in the strictest confidence.

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Scams, ripoffs and frauds are becoming more and more commonplace. The WA ScamNet website profiles scams targeting Western Australians and provides information on different types of scams, how to recognise scams, and what to do.


Each year 35,000 people are reported missing in Australia. While 95 percent of people are found within a short period of time, there remains approximately 1,600 long term missing persons; those who have been missing for more than three months. The National Missing Persons Coordination Centre contains information that can help you in your search.

International Missing Persons: Persone scomparse in Italia


MAKO listing Paedophiles / Child Killers / Sex Offenders in Australia.